I've been acting, singing, and dancing since the age of four, growing up in a performing family, and I have been modeling for a few years now on both coasts.  I have a high-level degree in healthcare and work with children, but I still perform on stage and in front of the camera in whatever free time I have.  I am not pursuing this as a full-time career - I'm doing this because I absolutely love it! 

Understand that I don't need this role or that job - I truly want it, but I'm not going to compromise my values or my career to get there.  I do have a professional image to maintain, but feel free to inquire further regarding my particular limitations. 

I want to set a good example for girls.  I want to show them that you don't have to choose to be attractive or smart - you can be both!  You can be a pretty doctor and still deserve respect from your male and female coworkers, alike.  You don't have to compromise who you are and betray your beliefs or morals to be successful.  I don't have a problem with being sexy, but I also believe a confident person is sexy!  I want to portray strong females on film - good or bad.  I want to show that emotion is acceptable.  I want to show you complexity and my many different sides.  I want to show you normal, different, ordinary, and extraordinary!

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